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The trucking industry is called the “heartbeat of America,” and for good reason. Everything we use, touch, and eat would not exist if a trucker didn’t bring it. Truckers are essential to our economy and ways of life.

If you’re someone that enjoys the freedom of the open road, experiencing new parts of the country, being your own boss and earning great money without the need for a higher degree, trucking is for you!

Come be part of a growing industry that has proven to be recession proof, provide job stability, and provides the opportunity to be your own boss.

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At On The Road Driving School, we go the extra mile for our OTR students.

Our mission is to empower new drivers with the necessary skills to create freedom in their lives. Freedom of the open road and the freedom to have a skill that will always be in high demand.

We provide students with the highest level of education and real world application to be the next generation of professional drivers.       

This includes the knowledge, skills, and the training necessary to pass and obtain a commercial CDL driver’s license, as well as resources for job placement and even starting your own company, becoming an (owner operator).

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Class A Manual & Auto

Earn your Class A CDL in as little as four-week (160 hour) training course. 

One week (40 hours) is spent on classroom theory and instruction.
We aim to focus our majority of time spent behind the wheel and learning from real life application. 

This course includes all you need to pass your road test to becoming a professional driver and obtain your CDL Class A

truck otr driving courses

Permit Class

Our experienced trainers with 10+ years experience will provide all the material and instruction for you to pass your written test and receive your CDL permit.

3-Day Restriction Removal

Remove your manual restriction in 3 days.

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How To Get Started?

We understand your time is valuable. 

We offer training packages to fit your schedule and put you faster on the road to your new career. 

Our full course provides you with everything that you need to prepare you for passing your CDL class A. We believe that hands-on experience is the best way to become comfortable behind the wheel.

With our concise but thorough training and affordable pricing, you could be ready to get behind the wheel in your new career in as little as 1 month. Instead of committing several years to a college education and getting tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt, you could be joining the many others who have found a rewarding career behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle in less time and with less financial investment than you might think.


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